In Celebration of the Holidays: Season of Miracles

Season of MiraclesI am delighted to announce that just in time for the holidays my newest e-book, Season of Miracles, is now at your favorite online bookstore.

Season of Miracles was originally published in 1986–if you’re interested you’ll find more background in previous posts here and here. For a peek at the original cover as well as how to enter a sweet new giveaway, sign up for my newsletter .

Love has always fascinated me and still does. But I’m equally fascinated by all relationships. Parents and children. Friendships between the same and opposite sexes. Siblings. Colleagues. I never tire of exploring them. At the time I wrote Season of Miracles the romance line that published it was one of the forerunners of what is now single title women’s fiction.Our editors encouraged us to explore the unusual and to focus not just on romance but on other relationships and issues. I was in my element.

Season of Miracles explores a year in the life of high school sweethearts warily reunited after seventeen years, still enormously attracted to each other, still wrestling with the same issues that separated them. Throw in a teenage son the hero never knew he’d fathered, a son who grew up in a New Mexico commune and now must attempt to adjust to life outside it. Add the daughter of a high school history teacher who was always jealous of the hero, an Indian legend that gives the town of Miracle Spring, Florida it’s name and. . .

Did I mention Christmas? Two of them over the span of the book. The ultimate season of miracles.

Oh, plus Thanksgiving, too.

I’ll let the novel speak for itself. But if you’re in the mood to give yourself a gift of reading pleasure as the holiday season begins, enjoy this special treat.

You can buy Season of Miracles at the following stores:


  1. wendy nelligan on November 19, 2014 at 7:06 pm

    Absolutely love that cover! You are lucky to work with such a talented graphic artist – and a family member too!

    Can’t wait to read this new version! 🙂

  2. Micielle Carter on November 20, 2014 at 12:06 am

    I love the new cover.Happy Holidays!

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