Keeping Up with Pinterest

Nothing beats the internet when you’re recuperating.  I discovered this during the past week when I was largely immobile after surgery on my knee.  The iPad I’d  wondered if I’d ever really need proved to be a godsend.  I did mail, surfed and played Word with my family and my former assistant friend now living across the pond.  Since our time zones are hours apart, I could always count on her to have a word waiting for me when I woke up. That brightened my morning.

I also discovered the real joys of illustration.  There were moments I didn’t want to read.  I just wanted to look at beautiful things, and Pinterest fit the bill perfectly. I had time to scroll through the gorgeous choices of people I “follow,” and wallow in the beauty of rooms, quilts, seaside abodes, desserts, and Asheville, North Carolina, scene of my next book.  It was a welcome diversion.  It was healing.

For fun, and because we’ve been looking at Florida as our next destination, I created a new board dedicated to all things coastal.  Not surprisingly I named it Happiness Key.  Who knew there were so many charming ways to decorate a house near the ocean or gulf?  Who knew there were so many lovely colors that mimic the sea or sky? And who knew that you could design an entire room around sea urchin shells?

Then, of course, there’s my Asheville board.  One Mountain Away (the cover photo’s finally up at online bookstores) takes place in and around the Asheville area, so I’ve begun an inspiration board.  Every time I write about a new area of Western North Carolina, a neighborhood, a restaurant, I search for photos to inspire me. Enjoy glimpses of Yancey County, where I did research a few weeks ago.  Or Luck and Trust, more research sites.  Too tired to travel? Stand on a mountain top with me and gaze off into the sunset-hued sky.  You’ll feel like you’re right there breathing in fresh mountain air.

If you’re a quilter?  Quilts are a natural at Pinterest.  I’ve pinned some I’d like to make, and some I know better than to attempt.  Whether I make any quilts or not, I’ll be able to enjoy looking at other people’s artistry.  I can do everything but cuddle up under one.

I know better than to jump on every social media bandwagon that comes along.  I resisted Pinterest for months because I didn’t need another time sink. But Pinterest really is different. It’s a place to dream and to let your friends and others dream with you. It’s about images and fantasies and escape. You can visit for a moment; you can visit for hours. It’s there waiting when you need it. And I did.  What a delight.

If you’re visiting Pinterest, come visit me.  But most important, take your time and enjoy the vacation.  I just bet you’ve earned it.

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