A Truth for a Truth – Reading Guide

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  1. Aggie isn’t sure how she feels about Hildy Dorchester.  On one hand Hildy’s well meaning and kind, on the other, she’s controlling and sure she knows how everything should be done.  What was your impression of Hildy at the book’s beginning and at the end?
  2. Ministers are not always the saints their parishioners wish for.  Three different types of ministers are introduced in this novel, Ed, Win, and John Hammond.  What were each one’s strengths?  Which one would you like in your church’s pulpit?
  3. Aggie and Hildy have very different ideas of the role of a minister’s spouse.  What, if any, role do you think the minister’s partner should have in a church?  What other professions seem to come with built-in expectations?
  4. Zoey was abused as a young wife but managed to escape the violence due to Win’s counseling.  In what other ways was Win a particularly good minister?  And how was he not?
  5. Did you believe that in real life Zoey could have gone on to a happy marriage after an abusive one?  How did you feel about her confrontation with her abuser?
  6. Deena has a secret she’s not sharing with her parents.  How hard should a mother or father work to find out the truth, and how much should they trust their children?  Were you comfortable with Aggie’s efforts, or did you wish she’d done more or less?
  7. Both Aggie and Ed have troubled relationships with the Booths, old time members of the congregation who have impossibly high standards.  Does this ring true for you?  Have you been in a church or other organization where long time members dislike change and make it difficult?  How were those problems dealt with?
  8. How did you feel about Lucy’s new relationship?
  9. Other than the high murder rate, would you enjoy life in Emerald Springs, Ohio?  What are the pluses and minuses?
  10. Aggie is at loose ends now that the housing market has collapsed and flipping houses isn’t feasible.  What profession should she take up next?