Desert Shadows

Published by: Emilie Richards
Release Date: Preorder for May 1, 2022
Pages: 295
ISBN13: 978-1-950365-13-5
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A Nun With A Gun

Sister Felicia dislikes the serene life at the Blessed Garden Convent near Palm Springs, California, most especially the goats. Instead, at night she prowls the grounds to make sure a visiting nun and world-famous humanitarian, Sister Mary Grace, survives her stay unharmed.

When a mysterious vagrant arrives to assist the convent caretaker, Sister Felicia does not sit idly by. Is this man, who keeps his eye on everyone, something more than he seems, something deadly and dangerous?

Deadly, dangerous Josiah Gallagher has his own concerns. Who is the beautiful young nun who hides cigarettes to smoke when the rest of the nuns are sleeping? The nun who removes her homespun robe to swim in the convent spring?

The nun with the dubious calling?

When Sister Felicia is kidnapped by mysterious assailants, Gallagher comes to the rescue. Stranded in the desert, they are forced to rely on each other for survival. Sister Felicia’s courage convinces Gallagher she is more than she seems. She reluctantly comes to the same conclusion.

As their pasts and missions entwine, they must work together to guarantee their own safety and that of Sister Mary Grace. Will the attraction simmering between them be the answer to a prayer or a curse?


I love reissuing some of my favorite romantic suspense novels, which were originally published by Silhouette Books. With so many books behind me, I’m often surprised by what I find when I open an old favorite. Approaching my story as a new reader—well, almost--gives me a fresh eye, and I’m delighted when I want to read “just a little more” to find out what happens next. Does memory serve? Or have I forgotten a twist that’s coming?

While editing Fugitive, which I re-released in 2020 as the third book in my Homecoming series, I realized that a character in that story, one Josiah Gallagher, was the hero in Desert Shadows, one of the two books I intended to re-release next. I’d almost forgotten. I looked forward to editing “Josiah’s book,” and I wasn’t disappointed. I fell back in love with the characters, story and setting immediately.

That’s always a great sign.

Both Desert Shadows and Twilight Shadows take place in Palm Springs, California, a city I visited just before I wrote them. Felice Cristy and Kelley Samuels are former police detectives who are now partners in their own private investigation agency. Since the books are linked, I wanted that to be clear to my readers. So the new series title, Palm Springs Confidential, was born.

I hope you enjoy reading these connected stories as much as I did. With just a few popular culture tweaks, both Desert Shadows and Twilight Shadows are the same books Silhouette Intimate Moments published.

Sadly, if you visit Palm Springs or its environs, the Moroccan restaurant I describe in Desert Shadows no longer seems to exist. But I had the pleasure of eating there with friends, and it was one of the finest meals I’ve ever had.

By the way, wondering why “shadows” in both titles? Shadow is slang for a private detective. Are either Felice or Kelley “hiding in the shadows?” You’ll find out.

Happy reading,