From Glowing Embers

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Once, Julianna was plain Julie Ann, a girl from the wrong side of the tracks who dared to love the son of the town's most powerful family. Gray loved her, too, and married her to give their unborn child a name, but sometimes love isn't enough.

Ten years later they meet again. She is successful, beautiful, and certain that a decade ago he betrayed her, but despite their painful past, both are helpless to deny a love that never died.

As secrets are slowly revealed, and new and surprising friendships develop with other refugees from an approaching hurricane, the past and present come together in one tumultuous explosion.


As you read From Glowing Embers you'll find all the elements I continue to share with my readers. This is the story of a woman in crisis, a woman running from herself and from a man of her past, a woman who has been hurt but now must reclaim her courage and that ultimate audacity: love.

Reading back through the book I was immediately involved in the life of the Mississippi waif Julie Ann Mason, now the mysterious and aloof Julianna, Hawaiian fashion designer. I felt her joy when a young man she loved seemed to love her back, and her grief when their life together disintegrated. I cheered for Gray Sheridan, a man who became so much more than his wealthy, influential parents had dreamed for him, but in the process lost the woman he loved.

I wanted them to get back together. I needed it to happen.

Lover's reunited is a familiar romance theme and one of my favorites. This isn't the only time I used it, but this story is one of the most heartrending. This is also the first book in which I experimented with flashbacks. I found I loved them so much–and still do–that next I had to teach myself not to overuse them.

A main character from each of the following books is introduced in this one, Paige, Dillon and Jody, and everyone here will walk in and out of each other's stories in the books to come.