Once More With Feeling

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I'll confess that as an adolescent I had a continuing fantasy in which in the blink of an eye I found myself living in someone else's body.  Usually I worried about finding myself in the middle of an Olympics skating event, (I don't skate) or on stage singing an aria that would suddenly be completely unfamiliar because, let's face it, I would be unfamiliar, too.

Fantasies change, but the idea continued to intrigue me into adulthood. What would it be like for a woman to suddenly find herself living somebody else's life?  What if the person she had become was somebody she had secretly envied?  What if that person's life was less than perfect after all, and her former life suddenly seemed filled with possibilities she had never tapped?

Elisabeth Whitfield is having a doozy of a midlife crisis, but that midlife is about to take an extraordinary turn. Following a near-fatal car wreck, the Elisabeth who awakens in the hospital is a new woman, in someone else's younger, sexier body. Now she has a second chance at the exciting life she gave up to marry and be a full-time mother. But "be careful what you wish for" could be more than a cliche. Getting everything she wanted might cost her everything that matters.


"Richards (Dragonslayer) guides Elisabeth through this seductive women's daydream with skill, humor and an iron morality."  Publishers Weekly