Prospect Street

Published by: Harlequin MIRA
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Faith Bronson finds her privileged life shattered when her marriage ends abruptly. Only just beginning to face the lie she has lived, she finds sanctuary with her two children in a run-down row house in exclusive Georgetown.

The historic row house, passed down through Faith’s family, harbors dark secrets of its own. Almost forty years ago, Faith's baby sister disappeared from an upstairs bedroom, and this tragic, unsolved mystery continues to fascinate a nation. Now the secrets of the house on Prospect Street are about to be revealed. As Faith is forced to confront the deceit that has long defined her, she moves closer to freeing those she loves from their torment. For only when the truth is finally told can Faith, her family and the man she loves make a new beginning.


"...compelling story of a family's destruction and resurrection."

"Richards adds to the territory staked out by such authors as Barbara Delinsky and Kristin Hannah with her hardcover debut, an engrossing novel about rebuilding relationships after a betrayal."
—Publishers Weekly

Prospect Street is a fine start to Richards’ hardcover career - a big, juicy novel that should satisfy her many fans and attract new readers as well.”
—The Romance Reader


My fascination with Georgetown, the setting for Prospect Street, actually began when I was a college student. My mother, who lived in Washington D.C., took an apartment at the edge of Georgetown and I joined her there for the summer of my freshman year. The heady mixture of college students, politicians, society grandes dames and street people made a strong impression on a relatively unsophisticated young woman, much as it does on the characters in this novel.

When I moved back to the Washington area it only took one stroll down the real Prospect Street, and a brand new book was on its way.

I am fascinated by politics, by the way that our political and religious convictions are shaped by those around us and by the way we act on what we believe. Faith, Prospect Street’s heroine, has always taken the beliefs of her husband and senator father at face value, but when her entire past is suddenly suspect, she must examine what really matters to her before she can forge a future for herself and her children.

As I wrote this novel I wanted to examine a life under siege and the ways that losing everything Faith thought she valued might destroy or enlighten her during the first year after her divorce. In the end, not only Faith but everyone she loves must change and re-evaluate his life, as well.