Smoke Screen

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Lost in a landscape of boiling mud pools and geysers, Paige Duvall wonders if she's finally descended into hell. The land her mother inherited in New Zealand is not the pastoral paradise she hoped for, a place where the worldly young woman planned to recover from another failed relationship. Instead one wrong step can end her life. Then mysterious Maori sheep farmer Adam Tomoana, emerges from the swirling mists to guide her to safety.

While she must rely on Adam to guide her home, is it safe to trust this man with her heart? While she's fascinated by their encounter, only Adam knows that it's not their first. Both are battered souls; both need healing, as does Adam's small silent son. But to heal, both must tell the whole truth, and there are secrets in Paige's past, and relationships she can't remember.

If Adam reveals them, will he drive her away, or will he win her love forever?


On our first five month odyssey through the Pacific, nothing fascinated my family more than the thermal region on the North Island of New Zealand. While we planned to camp far and wide, we quickly found ourselves returning to a campground near Rotorua to spend our time pondering this unique slice of Mother Nature. I was as fascinated by the Maori culture and New Zealand's attempts to merge all their citizens into one cohesive whole as I was with boiling mud pools and geysers.

Then there were all those sheep!

Of course a decision to include Maori culture in Smoke Screen meant lots of research. Thankfully Tulane University library had a wonderful collection, or this book would never have seen the light of day.

Smoke Screen was the first book of mine presented to the German producer who subsequently made movies of each book for German TV.

I've since been back to New Zealand to see another of my books filmed. The country is every bit as beautiful as I remembered, and Rotorua is just as fascinating.