Somewhere Between Luck and Trust

Published by: Harlequin MIRA
ISBN13: 978-0778314516
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Cristy Haviland served eight months in prison, giving birth behind bars to the child of the man who put her there and might yet destroy her. Now she’s free again, but what does that mean? As smart as she is, she has never learned to read. And that’s the least of her hurdles.

Georgia Ferguson, talented educator, receives a mysterious charm bracelet that may help her find the mother who abandoned her at birth. Does she want to follow the clues, and if she does, can reticent Georgia reach out for help along the way?

Both women are standing at a crossroads, a place when unlikely unions can be formed. A place where two very different women might bridge the gap between generations and education and together make tough choices.

Somewhere between the townships called Luck and Trust, at a mountain cabin known as the Goddess House, two very different women, may even, if they dare, find common ground and friendship.


“Richards’ second Goddess Anonymous novel is a rich deeply moving Southern- fried novel that speaks to you, heart and soul. . .”
RT Book Reviews Top Pick

“She is a gifted storyteller, and she weaves this complicated mix into a compelling, coherent, variegated whole that captures the reader’s interest, touches her heart, and challenges her preconceptions. And she does all this while making the North Carolina setting so real you can feel the sun’s heat and touch the earth of Cristy’s garden.”
Just Janga


For an author, part of the fun of a series is choosing which characters to feature in upcoming books. With the Goddesses Anonymous series (debuting in 2012 with One Mountain Away) a handful of women are introduced in book one, each to theoretically have her own story as time passes.

Almost immediately after One Mountain Away was released my readers began to question who would be the major character in the next book. They were anxious to hear more about Harmony, or they wondered if I was going to further redeem Taylor, who had plenty of problems to overcome in the first book.

I, on the other hand, was fascinated by Georgia Ferguson. Georgia is a no-nonsense educator, who suffered at the hands of Charlotte Hale, the main protagonist in One Mountain Away. While Charlotte does what she can to make up to Georgia for her part in having Georgia fired years before, Georgia’s life is not an easy one. Not now, not ever.

I’m a sucker for women with difficult pasts and difficult circumstances. I was on my way.

From the beginning I wanted to know where Georgia had come from and what had made her the woman she was. I needed to explore her relationship with her daughter, Samantha and the mature-beyond-her-years Edna, her young granddaughter. I wanted to see Georgia changing lives as a school principal, and I wanted to see her as the gifted teacher that she is.

Enter Cristy Haviland, a young woman fresh out of prison whose own background rivals Georgia’s for drama. And Cristy, who is new to the series, was a blank page just waiting for me to write her story.

But the whole truth and nothing but? This idea really began as I wandered through an antique store in Santa Barbara, California and noticed a vintage charm bracelet in a display case. The charms were so specific, so individual, I wondered if it would be possible to trace the owner by following their clues. . .

How could I resist?