Since I’m often asked similar questions, from time to time I’ll tackle the most common ones here. I try to answer my mail in a timely manner, but you may find your answer on this page before I can get back to you.

1. I am in charge of a fundraiser and would like you to send me autographed books for our auction. How should I contact you?

Authors receive many requests for autographed books. Since we can’t provide books to everyone, I choose based on the following: 1) The charity must be real and easily verifiable. 2) Local charities, literacy charities and quilt charities are preferred. 3) I need confirmation that the person who is asking knows who I am and what I write. If it’s clear that the charity obtained a list of writers and has sent a mass mailing without addressing me personally, I never respond or donate. And as much as I would like to send books to everyone who asks, I have to put a reasonable limit on the number of books I donate each year.

2. I really enjoyed the Shenandoah Album and the Goddesses Anonymous series, but I’m confused about the correct order to read the books. Can you help?

We’ve changed the book pages so that it’s easier to see the order of all my series books now. You can read or listen to the Shenandoah Album series and the Goddesses Anonymous series out of order, but it’s more fun to watch characters develop chronologically.

The order of the Shenandoah Books: 1) Wedding Ring 2) Endless Chain 3) Lover’s Knot 4) Touching Stars 5) Sister’s Choice.  The Goddesses Anonymous Books: 1) One Mountain Away 2) Somewhere Between Luck and Trust 3) No River Too Wide and 4) The Color of Light.

3. I loved both series and don’t want them to end. Please tell me you’re writing another.

I’d love to return to the Shenandoah Album series, and I’m presently working on a secret Shenandoah project, so read my blog and/or subscribe to my newsletter—which you can do from almost any page of my website—to learn more as news is revealed.

At this time I don’t foresee another Goddesses Anonymous book, but that could change.

4. My bookstore can’t get your older books. Won’t you please republish them?

Don’t I wish it were that easy. By contract my publisher makes these decisions, so although it would be lovely to snap my fingers and call the printer, I can’t. Luckily all my women’s fiction novels are now available as ebooks, and I am republishing some of my series romances as ebooks, too. Check my website news for updates on reprints in the future, but I’m afraid ebooks are the wave of the future.  Luckily good ereaders have come down in price and are affordable.

5. Are any of your books available on audio?

I’m thrilled that the whole Shenandoah Album series is available unabridged on audio and the Goddesses audio books are now all up to date, with narrator Karen White doing the honors.  When We Were Sisters, is also now available in audio. You can find them at Amazon and at Audible.com and there are buy links on my book pages.

6. Can you fly to Anyplace, USA to speak to my book club or quilt guild?

Occasionally. I have to make certain I have enough time to write my novels and spend time with my family. If I can’t visit you in person, I love speaker phone or Skype conversations with book clubs if you are discussing one of my books. You can contact me through this site to see if I’m available.

7. Why did you decide to write mysteries, too? Weren’t you busy enough?

Honestly? To please myself. I love Aggie and her family. I love the traditional mystery. I love writing in first person and writing gentle humor. I have years of experience as a minister’s wife. This was a no-brainer for me. If you love any of the above, reading the Ministry is Murder series will be a no-brainer for you, as well.

8. Please tell me you’re planning more books in the Donaghue series?

I can’t.

9. Speaking of the the Donaghues, what is the correct order to read the two novels? And what about the New Orleans series?

The Donaghues: Whiskey Island, followed by The Parting Glass.  These are only available as ebooks at the moment.  The New Orleans series: Iron Lace, then Rising Tides, both recently reissued in trade paper and still available.

I promise the book police won’t come after you if you read out of order. The stories will still make sense.

10. Do you really answer your own mail and update your own website and FB page?

I really do. However I will confess that my husband often chooses and puts up the Sunday Inspiration posts. For which I am very grateful.