Fox River – Reading Guide

  1. Christian Carver has been in prison nine years for a murder he did not commit. Once released, he moves back to his home in a small community in northern Virginia’s horse country to try to resume some semblance of his life.  Even though another man has confessed to the crime he was imprisoned for, Christian is determined to find the real killer. Can you believe that a man in Christian’s position would search for justice and answers?  How does a man put his life back together after nine years have been stolen from him?
  2. Julia Warwick is blinded after a riding accident, but the doctors tell her there is no physical reason she can’t see.  Do you believe that the mind can affect the body this powerfully?  Have you or someone you know ever suffered physical symptoms that were a result of emotional turmoil?
  3. The social life of Ridge’s Race revolves around fox hunting.  Can you understand the thrill of the sport?  Did learning that American fox hunters try not to kill the foxes they chase make the hunt more palatable for you?  Does their desire to protect open habitat and their prey make fox hunters more admirable?
  4. Maisy uses a novel she is writing to entertain and enlighten her daughter.  Are there some stories so difficult to tell that resorting to fiction makes them easier to relate?
  5. Fox River explores two different kinds of spousal abuse, overt and covert.  In both cases could you understand why it was difficult for the women to leave their husbands?  Can abuse be so subtle that it can almost be explained away?
  6. Is it possible to reimburse an innocent man for nine years of his life lived behind prison bars?