Rising Tides – Reading Guide

  1. The terms of Aurore’s will require that a diverse group of people meet and spend several days together in her beach house before the will is read in its entirety.  Was Aurore’s dying wish a foolish attempt to make peace?  Or was it Aurore’s final attempt to educate her loved ones about the past?
  2. Dawn and Ben were lovers and friends, then distrust intervened.  Do you believe they were able to overcome this after the close of the book and start a new relationship?  What “ending” do you forsee for them?
  3. Nicky’s past has been heavily shrouded, and some of the events of her adult life were affected by a history that was hidden from her.  Do you believe that she could ever forgive Aurore for keeping so many secrets?
  4. Was Father Hugh’s social activism a reaction to his failed romance in Morocco and the circumstances behind it?  Or do you believe he had overcome that and was acting out of deep religious beliefs?
  5. Did either Hugh or Ferris welcome their own deaths because of everything that had come before?
  6. Did Henry’s treatment of Aurore make her actions on the wharf on the night of his death sympathetic?  Was Henry’s death murder or justifiable homicide?  Or neither?
  7. Aurore made many mistakes in her life.  Despite the mistakes, did you understand and forgive her for them, believing that she was a good, though flawed, woman?