Sunset Bridge – Reading Guide

1: Life is filled with surprises and sometimes a big one forces us to reevaluate everything.  The original neighbors of Happiness Key all have big surprises in store in Sunset Bridge.  Each of them must look at the consequences and make difficult choices.  Can you think of a surprise in your life that required the same?  Something unplanned and unintended that changed your future?

2: Maggie Gray walked out on her job and her lover because she believed she was acting on principle.  But Maggie’s actions are based on misconceptions.  Have you or someone you loved been in a similar situation?  What should Maggie have done that she didn’t?

3: Wanda is faced with a choice, to expand her business exponentially and possibly reap fame and fortune or continue doing what she loves best.  Does she make the right choice?  Have you ever had to choose between doing something you love and something with greater potential for success?

4: Tracy has never wanted children, and now she finds she’s pregnant.  Does her decision not to immediately tell Marsh seem like the mature way to handle the situation?  Or did you feel she should have told him the moment she found out?

5: Both Tracy and Marsh had unsuccessful marriages, and now both are wary of having another.  Do you think both of them have what it takes to make a success of marriage to each other?

6: Tracy’s grown up as the Happiness Key series has progressed.  Do you think she’s now mature enough to be a mother?  (Is anyone?)

7: Janya and Rishi must decide whether to notify the local authorities when two children are left indefinitely in their care or wait for the parents to return.  Could you understand their decision?  What would you have done?

8:  Alice finds love, but having custody of her granddaughter Olivia makes living arrangements difficult.  How did you feel about the resolution of this situation?

9:  Maggie and Felo have problems they must work through if they’re going to ever be a couple again.  Did you believe the potential for reconcilliation was there?

10:  Finally, and most important, which of Wanda’s Wonderful pies do you want on your dinner table tonight?