Beautiful Lies – Reading Guide

  1. Although Beautiful Lies is fiction, there was a historic pearl found off the coast of Australia that brought bad luck to everyone who possessed it. In the book the Pearl of Great Price is so perfect it brings out the worst flaw in everyone who owns it. What flaw would it bring out in you? Can you believe that an object this valuable might really affect those who have it or want it?
  2. Liana and Cullen are star-crossed lovers from families who have been enemies throughout generations.  Is greed the curse that keeps them apart?  Is their son Matthew the cure?
  3. Matthew, fourteen, travels across Australia with few resources.  Did you believe his exploits were possible
  4. Cullen’s gambling addiction is the cause of his divorce from Liana.  Do you believe that a person can be addicted to gambling in the same way he/she could be addicted to alcohol or drugs?  If so, can this addiction be helped by therapy?
  5. Archer and Tom have survived a war and helped each other through every difficulty.  Was the pearl a powerful enough reason to destroy such a strong friendship?  Did Tom’s relationship with Willow (Lian) initiate the decline?
  6. Were you aware of the strong prejudices against the Chinese, both in Australia and the United States? Did you know that it was not until 1943 that the Magnuson Act of 1882 was repealed and a small number of Chinese were allowed to begin emigrating to the US each year?