Beautiful Lies

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It’s a pearl so flawless it has no price.  But those who possess it pay dearly.
Since the day it was discovered in Australian waters, the Pearl of Great Price has cursed the Robeson and Llewellyn families.  Rivalry, greed and murder have dogged them for generations, and now the infamous pearl is in the possession of Liana Robeson.  Tragedy strikes again when, suddenly, her teenage son goes missing–and so does the pearl.

Desperate and afraid she turns to her ex-husband and together they embark on a terrifying journey to find their son.   Swept into the wild beauty of Australia, Liana and Cullen plunge headlong into a deadly game with a rival who will go to any lengths to possess a treasure as fatal as it is flawless.



"If you go for long, intense novels with multiple, unforgettable characters and complex relationships, run to your nearest bookstore and get a hold of Beautiful Lies. Put Emilie Richards on top of the bestseller list where she belongs."
—The Romance Reader

Beautiful Lies is a beautiful tale filled with intrigue, romance, and passionate protagonists coping with a monumental problem, making this another triumph for Ms. Richards and her readers.”
—Painted Rock Reviews

“ Run, don't walk, to find a copy of Beautiful Lies!”
—Bookbug on the Web

“If you want to read a good long multi-generational, multi-character novel, I can recommend Beautiful Lies whole heartedly.”
—All About Romance

“Ms. Richards has filled this novel with murder, adventure, romance, intrigue and a very tangled plot line as a background to, often, flamboyant characters. Excellent story in every way. A genealogist or historian's dream.”


I’ve had the privilege of spending two wonderful chunks of time with my family in Adelaide, Australia. On our first visit I was entranced with everything I saw and read, but one lone sentence stuck with me. In the nineteenth century a fabulous pearl found off Australia’s coast brought bad luck to everyone who owned it.

Wouldn’t that fascinate anybody? For ten years that tidbit haunted me, and when our family had the opportunity to travel down under again, I enthusiastically agreed. This time I would find out more about the pearl.

A book had been waiting patiently for me, of course. We traveled to Broome in Western Australia and spent nearly a week, where we sailed on an old pearling lugger, visited a pearl farm, and stayed at the historic Roebuck Hotel–one thin wall away from the dance floor, unfortunately. I bought books, visited historical societies and formed my story. And I knew, as soon as I saw Mark Twain’s wonderful quote about Australia, that I had found my title.

Twain said: “Australian history is almost always picturesque; indeed, it is so curious and strange that it is itself the chiefest novelty the country has to offer….It does not read like history, but like the most beautiful lies.”

It does indeed.