Twilight Shadows

Published by: Emilie Richards
Release Date: June 1, 2022 Available for Preorder now
ISBN13: 978-1-950365-13-5
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Can the Maid of Honor Survive the Wedding?

When private investigator Kelley Samuels's best friend and partner asks her to be the maid of honor at her wedding, she can't refuse. After all, wearing a frilly dress and dealing with the bride's mother are minor irritations.

Then on the trip down the aisle, all hell breaks loose. Between barrages of gunfire and a lunatic seemingly intent on wiping out the wedding party, Kelley has to protect guest and film action hero Griff Bryant. While neither Griff, intent on playing a real life hero, nor Kelly herself can capture the shooter, when the smoke clears, no one is really sure who the gunfire was meant for.

Kelley, a former child star, has a clear-eyed view of the film industry, and when she's cornered into becoming Griff's pretend lover and real-life bodyguard, she can't wait for the assignment to end. But as she and Griff encounter more violence, and his pre-teen daughter is endangered, too, Kelley finds herself deeply involved with the man she's supposed to protect.

Kelley knows she can protect Griff from harm, but how can she protect her own heart?


As so often happens with novelists, I didn't set out to write a sequel to Desert Shadows, which is now book one of Palm Springs Confidential. But as I worked on that novel for Silhouette Books, I became intrigued with Felice's best friend Kelley Samuels. Clearly Kelley needed her own story.

Unplanned sequels weren't new for me. Mine had included sequels to Lady of the Night (which became book one of my New Orleans Nights series) and Runaway (which became book one of my Homecoming series.) Desert Shadows itself was a spin-off of Fugitive, book three of Homecoming.

After I finished Desert Shadows, Kelley would not be silenced. Not to be outdone, another minor character explained he would be perfect as Kelley's love interest, Griff Bryant: Hollywood action hero.

Both Desert Shadows and Twilight Shadows take place in Palm Springs, California, a city I visited just before I wrote them. Felice Cristy and Kelley Samuels are former police detectives who are now partners in their own private investigation agency. Since the books are linked, I wanted that to be clear to my readers. So the new series title, Palm Springs Confidential, was born.

I hope you enjoy reading these connected stories as much as I enjoyed writing them. With just a few popular culture tweaks, both Desert Shadows and Twilight Shadows are the same books Silhouette Intimate Moments published.

By the way, wondering why “shadows” in both titles? Shadow is slang for a private detective. Are either Felice or Kelley “hiding in the shadows?” You’ll find out.