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Journey into the Lives of Women, One Story at a Time

The Write Way

The Write Way: Writing The Novella

While I’m waiting for my real life to resume and house-sitting for friends, I’ve been working on a novella.  A hundred pages is the perfect project for this interlude in my life.  Short, like my stay here, and easier to interrupt if I don’t finish the book before I move again. The novella, tentatively titled…

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The Write Way: Every Writer Needs a Mind Palace

Watch Sherlock Season 2: Making a Modern Hound on PBS. See more from Masterpiece. Last night I watched the newest Sherlock Holmes on P’BS Masterpiece Mystery, an updated version of  The Hound of the Baskervilles.  I love this series.  Sherlock and Watson are a fabulously dysfunctional pair, Sherlock clearly suffering from Aspergers and Watson recovering from…

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The Write Way: Setting Up A Series

This week, in addition to meeting my new grandson, I also met my new cover.  One of these I adored on sight.  (I’ll let you guess which.)  Sometimes that happens.  The new cover is for the first book in a series, One Mountain Away, which debuts in August.  The series is titled Goddesses Anonymous.  This…

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The Write Way: Back Story, Front Story, and Nothing In Between

Picture this:  You’ve splurged on a hefty hardcover you know you’ll spend weeks reading.  You’ve given the bookstore your hard-earned cash because you expect the author to keep his/her unspoken promise.  Within these pages a story will unfold,one so riveting that by the time you finish, your life  will be transformed–or at least during the…

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The Write Way: Using Everyday Events in Fiction

I just got off the telephone with Amazon.  My life work this week has been to track down a package I ordered in July.  I had to find out why it arrived in town but was  never delivered to me.  Unfortunately Amazon and all the carriers involved have kept an excruciatingly painful moment-by-moment account of the…

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The Write Way: Writer’s Paralysis? How to Get Moving Again

I can count on two questions from any Q & A session.  The first?  Where do I get my ideas?  The second is whether I’ve ever suffered from writer’s block. I’ll confess I used to snicker whenever I answered this one.  “Not me, thanks.  If I’m stuck I just keep working until I’m not stuck anymore.” …

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The Write Way: Sometimes We Just Need A Hand

You’re moving right along on your new project.  The characters are no longer one dimensional, the plot’s moving at just the right pace; then suddenly you sit down at the computer/typewriter/legal pad and nothing happens.  You’re stuck. Nothing is more chilling to a writer than an empty page.  I outline extensively to avoid them, but…

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