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Happiness Key: Alice’s Story, Part Three

Today marks the end of both Alice’s story and all the character blogs for the women of Happiness Key.  Thanks so much to all of you who let me know you’ve looked forward to them.  Remember, if you’re tantalized by these sneak peeks, my publisher is offering a coupon good until the end of July.  Not…

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Happiness Key: Alice’s Story, Part Two

New to my blog?  We’re exploring the backgrounds of the characters in my latest novel, Happiness Key.  If you go here, you’ll find a list of all the blogs in this series, beginning with Tracy, then moving on to Janya and Wanda.  This is part two of Alice’s story, which began on Monday.  Alice is…

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Happiness Key: Tracy’s Story, Part Three

And here’s the final portion of Tracy’s story.  Next week, Janya’s turn! Tracy’s Story, Part Three I have asked myself a time or two if I would have ditched CJ so fast if I’d really loved him. This is a back-asswards way to figure out if you love somebody, but I think love had too…

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Happiness Key: Tracy’s Story, Part Two

If you read Tuesday’s blog, you know that I’m sharing Tracy’s story this week.  Tracy is one of four major women characters in my new novel Happiness Key, which will debut next month.  Without delay, here’s part two of Tracy’s tale.   Tracy’s Story, Part Two Up to that point I’d had other significant moments in…

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