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Walk Inside the Poem’s Room

I’ll start with a confession.  I’ve never particularly liked poetry.  I read everything quickly, skipping words and phrases that seem extraneous.  I want to get right to the heart of a story, a description, an insight.  I rarely linger.  I rarely pause to reflect.  This is odd coming from an author whose novels tend to…

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Watch Out, Jessica Fletcher, Here I Come

Author Casey Daniels once referred to an event in a mutual friend’s writing career as a “Murder She Wrote” moment.  Not because our friend Diane found a dead body or solved a murder (although she certainly has written wonderful novels about both) but because she had actually been treated like the star she is during a visit…

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Cockalorums, Lickspittles and Snollygosters

Today I’m on my way to Hamburg, Germany, where I’ll be doing publicity for my German TV movies, plus spending time with my German publisher, CORA Verlag.  I wrote this blog in preparation, but I’ll catch you up on my trip next Friday.  Meantime enjoy. Let me tell you about my secret addiction.  Nothing illegal, mind you,…

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How Hard Can It Be? Publishing an eBook.

Last Friday at Southern Exposure I posted the original covers of my novels Once More With Feeling and Twice Upon A Time, and showed the way the eBook cover for Twice Upon A Time grew from stock photography to finished product. Twice Upon A Time was the easiest.  I immediately found several photographs I liked, including one…

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Can You Judge An eBook By Its Cover?

I’ll confess of the more than sixty books I’ve written, I’ve had good covers and not-so-good covers.  I’ve had a few great ones, too.  Not surprisingly, those books sold the best.  Have I made my point succinctly?  Covers make a difference.  A very big difference.  And sometimes it’s hard to get them right. When I decided to…

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