Sunday Poetry: The Iron Solos and the Sirens

Welcome to Sunday Poetry. If this is your first visit you can read about the purpose and inspiration of my Sunday poetry blogs here.

We’ll be moving mid-June.  First to our little cottage at Chautauqua Institution for the summer, then to. . . somewhere. The house hunting hasn’t gone well, but we’re strangely upbeat. Our material life will go into storage for a while as we contemplate the possibilities and travel from one of them to another.

We will miss this house and this neighborhood. There are memories attached to every place we live, and in 227 Waverly Place, W. S. Merwin expresses this so beautifully, as a man contemplates what will happen to his broken apartment window once he’s gone. I love reading this poem and immersing myself in the images he creates, as he remembers what he’s seen through that window. Each time I do I want to move to 227 Waverly Place. Perhaps that’s where we’ll look next?

Remember, we read poetry together here for the pure pleasure of the experience. There are no quizzes, no right ways to read or contemplate the poem we share. Absolutely no dissecting allowed. Just come along for the “read.” What line, word or thought will you carry with you this week? If you’d like to tell us where the poem took you? We’ll listen.

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