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Really, what could be more fun than populating a Pinterest Board with illustrations for my Goddesses Anonymous novels, beginning with the first, One Mountain Away?  Apparently nothing, because that’s how I’ve spent my free time this weekend.

Pinterest, for those of you who don’t yet frequent it, is a virtual pinboard, a place to organize and share all the beautiful things we find on the web. Unlike some other social media sites it’s simple to use.  I avoided attending the party as long as I could, but once I walked through the door, I couldn’t turn back.  What fun!  Each time you return, you’ll find gorgeous images, delicious recipes, tips and tricks of all kinds just waiting for you to enjoy.  Find people with similar tastes to follow or branch out in new directions, and repin to your heart’s content.

Like most pinners, I’ve started all kinds of boards.  For instance I have one called Cottage Dreams with ideas for the Victorian era cottage we’re renovating in Western NY.  That board has turned out to be surprisingly useful.  Among other things, when I try to explain something to our contractor or architect on the telephone, I can pull up my board and miles away, so can they, to see what I’m talking about.  I’ve also learned what I like and what I don’t, simply by examining the pins I’ve added and analyzing what it is about them that appealed to me.

From the beginning I’ve had an Asheville board, to introduce my readers to the setting of my Goddesses Anonymous novels.  Asheville Life and Scenery can’t hope to capture the beauty of the city and surrounding area, but I sure make a good stab at it, thanks mostly to my son’s beautiful photography.    This weekend, though, I realized I wanted to do more.  The books are about more than spectacular Blue Ridge scenery.  They’re about people, ideas, possibilities.  So I’ve started two new boards.

Goddesses Anonymous features photos of the surrounding scenery, but also some of the characters and elements from the novels.  I’ve just started pulling the board together, but I found a wonderful litter of goldendoodle puppies to share, several of my characters (Harmony is absolutely perfect), some wonderful service dog images, the inside of Charlotte’s homestead, and more.

Wisdom of the Goddesses is completely different.  The women of the Goddesses Anonymous novels are changed and inspired by many things, including each other, and I wanted a place to gather what they’ve learned and are learning.  I hope you’ll enjoy that one, too. Expect it to grow quickly.

Pinterest boards are an ongoing process, so check back from time to time to see what’s been added.  Before long I’ll be pinning images for the second book in the series, Somewhere Between Luck and Trust, coming out next summer.

Give Pinterest a try, and let me know what you think.

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