Biltmore Snapshots

This has been a month of transition. We’re settled temporarily on the east coast of Florida, enjoying the sunshine and exploring our October home. Along the way it looks as if we might have bought a house in a place fondly reminiscent of Happiness Key. I’ll tell you more about it once the inspection is completed and we’re happy with the results.

But for now, I promised Biltmore photos, and here they are, all taken by my husband.  He, son Galen and I spent a whole day here, with the idea of getting some new publicity photos for me.  Galen is a professional photographer and often does weddings here at the Biltmore, so he knew exactly where to shoot.  Along the way we went into the house, walked the grounds, visited the winery and had a delicious dinner. And there was more to do that we just didn’t have time for. A great stop if you’re in the Asheville area.

The Biltmore appears in book two of my Goddesses Anonymous series, in next summer’s book, Somewhere Between Luck and Trust. Remember Luck and Trust? If you read the first book you know they’re real townships in the mountains near Asheville. Biltmore Forest, where Charlotte lives in One Mountain Away, is a community  near the historic Biltmore estate, built by George Vanderbilt and completed in 1895. The house is truly an American castle. To read more about the fascinating history of the house and the Vanderbilts–who still own and manage the estate–you’ll enjoy this website.

The grounds here are extensive. This was shot across a lake nearly at dusk, and I love the mysterious quality of the ‘castle’ in the distance.


A closer shot. Amazing, isn’t it?


And, of course, the close-up.


Galen being photographed by my husband while he’s photographing me.




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