Sunday Inspiration: One Simple Wish

Fairfax County, Virginia

A Fairfax County, Virginia Foster Mother Who Cared for Over 20 Children at a Reception for Foster Care Parents

Sometimes inspiration comes in small doses, as small as a child who needs something and has no place to turn.

Can you imagine wanting something as simple as a suit to go to a family member’s funeral or music lessons or supplies for school and not being able to have them because you are a foster child?  In a life that most likely has been confusing and emotionally difficult, small wishes answered by small gifts can make all the difference.

Danielle Gletow had raised foster children and knew that their wishes were often so simple and yet so vital. So she started raising money from people who couldn’t be foster parents  but who wanted to help in some way.

Her organization One Simple Wish usually give gifts worth $10 to $100, not much money, but they mean so much to these kids who have so little.

Check it out at  One Simple Wish and I’m sure you’ll feel inspired.

Thanks to CNN for finding and covering this story.

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