The Pleasures of Grandchildren

I am spending this week with my beloved grandson, son and daughter-in-law, who came to visit this weekend.  Liam, at two, is a reminder of all life’s miracles, and we have had so much fun together.  Love sitting with his wonderful parents discussing their lives and all the things we can’t cover in telephone calls.  Just so darned special.

So you will forgive me, I know, if I have nothing important to say today except enjoy everything you can about your life and suck up the smallest details.  These are the things that send warmth into our days, aren’t they?

Meantime, today the zoo, tomorrow the beach.  Tonight catfish and barbecue out by the Myakka River, tomorrow eating my homemade shrimp jamabalaya on the patio looking over the state park behind our house.  I am so thankful.

Do you have special memories with family?  I hope you do.

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