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Fiction Friday: Sarah’s Final Letter

For the past months on Fiction Friday I’ve shared the historical portion of my novel Endless Chain. The novel is set in contemporary times, but the story hearkens back to an incident in the past, told through letters from Sarah Miller to the man she loves, Amasa Stone, who is in Lynchburg caring for his father. You…

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The Write Way: Fifty Shades of Beige

I live in a small housing community in Florida, ungated and maintenance free–which means someone else mows my lawn and trims my hedges. Whatever I choose for my yard must be easy to maintain. Our community is situated  beside a state park so we must also abide by their rules when it comes to invasive plants. Within those limits…

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Fiction Friday: The Conclusion of Sarah’s Fourth Letter

Last week we began Sarah Miller’s fourth letter to the man she loves, Amasa Miller, from my novel Endless Chain. These letters are the brief historical portion of a novel set mostly in contemporary times. But the events of 1853, as described by Sarah, have their counterpart in the lives of the contemporary characters. Endless…

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Reaching Out To Help, Even When It’s Not Comfortable

Recently CBS News had a particularly thought-provoking story, and I’ve included the video here for you to see. There’s a short commercial at the beginning, but it is short. Three years ago members of a gym in Nashville, Tennessee, began to talk among themselves about the slowly disappearing body of another member, a college student named…

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Sunday Inspiration: Pay It Forward

I’ve seen several of this kind of videos but they always give me goosebumps. And it’s so true that kindness and generosity is contagious, like a virus for goodness. Don’t you want to do something good for someone else when someone does something good for you? I’m going to look for a chance to pay…

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Fiction Friday: Sarah’s Fourth Letter

Today’s Fiction Friday is the fourth letter dated 1853 that Sarah Miller writes to the man she loves, Amasa Stone, about the events that’s happened on the Miller farm in rural Shenandoah County, Virginia. This letter is written on the same day as the last one, which I featured in two parts beginning two weeks ago.…

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Are You A Kayak Reader or a Speedboat Reader? Plus a Trio of Giveaways.

As a kayaker, in addition to learning how to instantly turn 180 degrees  when sighting an alligator draped across the narrow channel ahead, I’ve learned one other important survival skill.  When faced with the wake of a high-powered speedboat, steer your kayak into the waves. You’ll have a washboard rippling ride, but you probably won’t capsize. My husband and I are…

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Fiction Friday: Sarah’s Third Letter from Endless Chain

Beginning on March 21 at Fiction Friday I’ve shared letters written in 1853 from Sarah Miller to Amasa Stone. These were originally published in my novel Endless Chain, book two of my Shenandoah Album series.  While most of the novel is set in contemporary times, Sarah’s letters, written before the War Between the States, are woven throughout.…

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