Sniffing and Hoping: When Life Insists on a Change of Plans

Change of plansLofty notions aside, my first week back in Florida hasn’t been everything I hoped for.

In addition to getting fabulous ideas from my brainstorming buddies in New York, I also caught a cold. Can we say change of plans?

I don’t know what you do when you’re sneezing and coughing, but my deadline’s much too close to lie in bed and moan. So even though I didn’t feel well enough to write, I got busy.

Here’s what I managed:

  1. Put together my overdue newsletter, which goes out to subscribers tomorrow. (I hope.)
  2. Created a new giveaway for readers on my mailing list
  3. Updated my website
  4. Listened and transcribed one of my brainstorming tapes
  5. Investigated and agreed to be in a giveaway with eleven other authors
  6. Created content for a new bookmark for the upcoming Buckeye Book Fair
  7. Planned a sudden, unexpected trip to Disney World.

Yes, most people make plans for Disney World months, even years in advance. Not so my family. My super-shopper son and daughter-in-law realized that Frontier Airlines was having a one day sale and jumped on it. So our holiday plans have changed considerably. While we had planned to visit our Cleveland children over Christmas, now, instead, we’ll drive to Orlando between Thanksgiving and Christmas where we’ll watch our grandson encounter Mickey Mouse for the very first time. I’m calling this Thanksmas.

Do you resist change? While my husband relishes  a change of plans at a moment’s notice, I’m much more reluctant. It’s not unusual to be in the car on the way to the airport as he discusses options other than the flight we’ve already paid for. Once I make up my mind, I would much prefer nobody suggest alternatives. We’ve learned to compromise.

Sometimes when life tosses you a curve ball you just have to figure out what you can do with it, even if you know it’s not going to be a home run.

This week I’m clearing my desk so that I can write unimpeded the moment I stop blowing my nose.  That’s not so bad, right? After all, along the way I picked up a trip to Disney World.

I’d say curve ball or not, I’m still a winner.


  1. Terry Guerra on September 30, 2014 at 5:42 pm

    I’d say you’re still a winner too! Hang in there and hope you feel better soon!

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