Sunday Inspiration: “Anything Is Possible”

Anything is possibleLast Sunday morning I was looking through Parade magazine, which usually takes me a couple of minutes. But Sunday I ran across their cover story titled “Anything Is Possible!” Instant inspiration.

Did you see it?  Five people are highlighted for the difference they are making in the world. These are average folks who decided that the impossible really isn’t.

For instance, Mark Ebeling saw a photo of a young boy with no arms. Daniel was one of more than 50,000 people who had lost limbs in the Sudanese war. Most of us see pictures of such victims and realizing there’s nothing we can do about it, turn the page.

But Mark said, “I looked at his picture and thought, That’s not OK. I mean, how do you just close your laptop and walk away?”

So he decided to make arms for Daniel — yes he made arms — using a 3-D printer of all things. Now I have no idea how 3-D printers make anything, much less a boy’s arms, but Mark packed up his printer and computer and flew to the Sudan to do just that.

Mark had the attitude that “Every single person has the ability to change the world.”

How incredibly inspiring!

If you want to know more about Mark and the other four people who are changing the world, here is the link to the Parade article “Anything Is Possible!”.  And if you want to know more about Mark and his Project Daniel, you can go here, or you can go here to find out about his book and here to see his TED Talk.

And don’t worry, I’ll cover the four others featured in the Parade article in the future because I believe we need to celebrate such inspiring people so that we can inspire others.

Who have you inspired lately?

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