Sunday Inspiration: Spring Is Here!


Yes, Spring is here! Finally! Though for some of you it may be difficult to believe. It’s been a long hard winter for many, and it may take a little while to see signs of this new miraculous season.

Yesterday was the first full day of Spring, which astronomically means that the sun was shining equally on the northern and southern hemispheres. But today the sun tipped over to shine a little more on the northern, and that light will increase little by little until the fall equinox when those in the southern hemisphere will greet their Spring with enthusiasm.

Spring brings hope that even if there is still snow on the ground, beneath the blanket of white there are thirsty roots spreading across the earth’s darkness sending energy into green stems that push their way steadfastly towards the light.

We too have the power to lean towards the warmth of the sun and find new vitality and growth in our lives. Spring shows us the way if we will only follow her example.  All that is required is boldness and our dreams will leap out of the darkness as suddenly and shockingly as a crocus.

What will you be bold about this Spring?

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