Sunday Inspiration: Perseverance

My new book, The Color of Light, illuminates the lives of several people living in Asheville, North Carolina, who are undergoing struggles of different kinds, all of which have to do with perseverance in one way or another.

One of the most heart-wrenching struggles is a family who has become homeless through no fault of their own. The mother, father, and two children are trapped in a catch-22 of circumstances where they are without resources or help, and the future looks hopeless — until a brave soul reaches out to help.

This short video about Liz Murray, who was left homeless at the age of 15 reminds me of the perseverance that homeless people need to survive and thrive in such trying times and the perseverance needed by those who want to help but are not sure how. Please watch and I think you will be inspired as I was.


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