Sunday Inspiration: I’ll Find It At Home

I'll Find It At HomeI’m on the road home to Florida today, and this inspirational quote from Rumi seemed perfect. That’s Sarasota’s Myakka River in the background.

Have you ever found satisfaction after a trip away taught you the true pleasures of home? I’m lucky I have two places I love, but I am always thrilled to find meaning waiting in each one.

Summer has ended and you may be traveling on this Labor Day weekend, too. Safe travels and deep satisfaction wherever you are.


  1. Pat Kennedy on September 6, 2015 at 2:30 am

    In 2009 I went to my hometown to try to help my sister get our Mom moved from her home to an assisted living place. I spent 3 1/2 months away from my own home and family. I tried my best to be helpful but it was a stressful time for both my sister and me. Our Mom was in a safe place and Alzheimers had pretty much taken its toll on her. After all that time, I feel I had done my best and yet that still was not enough to make the difference. My sister and I were at odds. I felt nothing I did was to her satisfaction, or approval.
    Coming home, I arrived late at night. Our front door was partially open and the light coming out on to the porch was warm and welcoming. I went to bed that night, mentally exhausted. I had showered, i was in clean pj’s and sheets, and I remember looking at my bedroom, with soft pale pink walls, and pale green curtains picking up the colors in the bedspread, and thought how pretty my home was. Mom’s house had gray walls. My old bedroom had typical pine paneling. In spite of lights or decor, it was dark and gloomy to me. How much I longed to be back here, in my own home. After all that time I was so glad to rest in my own bed and thanked God for a safe trip. But I knew I was home, in my own home, once again. An adventure of over 110 days, long and difficult but I made it. And I slept the sleep of peace.

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