Sunday Inspiration: The Big Questions

The Big Questions

“We are much involved, all of us, with questions about things that matter a good deal today but will be forgotten by this time tomorrow — the immediate wheres and whens and hows that face us daily at home and at work — but at the same time we tend to lose track of the questions about things that matter always, life-and-death questions about meaning, purpose, and value. To lose track of such deep questions as these is to risk losing track of who we really are in our own depths and where we are really going”. -Frederick Buechner

Is it difficult for you to find the time to ask the big questions of life? It certainly is for me. It seems that the multitude of little questions — such as what will we have for dinner, what will I watch on TV tonight, what will I do in the next scene of my book — overwhelm the larger questions on a daily life. I need the occasional reminder, like this one, that it’s important to take time to consider those questions that require real struggle.

How about you?


  1. Nancy Lepri on April 2, 2017 at 11:14 am

    I think a lot of us hesitate to think about the larger questions in life. It usually takes something devastating to turn our minds in that direction. Now that I am in the later years of my life those larger questions seem to come up more often. My goal now is to live the best life I can and let those I love know how much they mean to me.

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