Sunday Inspiration: Daily Quarantine Questions?

daily quarantine questions

Daily Quarantine Questions:

  1. What Am I GRATEFUL for today?
  3. What expectations of “Normal” am I LETTING GO OF today?
  4. How am I GETTING OUTSIDE today?
  5. How am I MOVING MY BODY today?
  6. What BEAUTY am I cultivating, creating, or inviting in today?

(Thanks to the Greater Good Science Center and Good Morning America who publicized this Post-It note from photographer Brooke Anderson that’s been shared many times.)

How is it with your spirit? Are you coping with the new normal of quarantine and isolation? Tearing your hair out yet? Getting grumpy or depressed?

For some people this can be an opportunity to enjoy some solitude and self-care, but for others who are working from home and home schooling, entertaining children or just trying to survive with no job or income. And for those who are sick or worried they’ve been exposed, it can be a very challenging time. My heart and my prayers go out to all of you.

No matter who you are, I encourage you to ask yourself the daily quarantine questions above, and perhaps those below as well:

What am I READING today? What better way to travel around the world and even to other planets and times and dimensions, when in quarantine. And what better way to connect with a diversity of people, places, and ideas.

How have I been INSPIRED today? We can stay connected with our religious communities on the web as well as find sources of inspiration in books, on the internet, and in nature. This can be a good time for prayer and meditation.

How can I PLAY today? Whether it’s board games or computer games or playing music or being playful with your mate, play keeps our imagination alive and brings us happiness. My fellow author and brainstormer Kylie Logan and her husband are taking turns suggesting one new activity a day to engage in together. Yesterday they colored. Play time!

How can I BE CREATIVE today? Is it time to write a poem or a story or a book? How about your memoir? Time to paint or learn a language — Proman and I are using the free app Duolingo to learn Spanish even though our cruise to Mexico has been canceled. Proman is teaching himself to play the piano with a small electric piano from Amazon and his iPad. He plays a pretty amazing version of My Heart Will Go On. Our grandson Liam took a virtual piano lesson with his teacher this week and his parents sent us a photo.

Do you have  questions to add or suggestions?

Stay inspired.


  1. Terry Guerra on March 22, 2020 at 4:19 am

    Good morning! Wonderful questions! I just finished a John Grisham novel and ready for That Month in Tuscany by Inglath Cooper. Calling Mom every day to check in with her, the usual two-three times per day, happy that at 90 she is able to live independently in a cottage home at a nursing home campus nearby. Her enjoyment of life is my inspiration. Play? Two large, lovable rescue mutts fill the bill for me right now. And keep me busy mopping the floors, wiping down furniture, etc. Creative: I also purchased a small keyboard from Amazon and am kick-starting my brain remembering my piano lessons as a young child. I love your idea of learning Spanish, I may have to try that!
    Phone calls and texts with family and friends, and co-workers round out my time. I am even thinking about getting my unicycle out of the basement. All the best to you and Proman!

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