Sunday Inspiration: The New Year

the new year

“What the new year brings to you

depends to a great deal on

what you bring to the new year.”

-Vern McLellan, author

OK, so 2020 sucked! Big time. Historic. Cosmic. We ranted and raved, cursed and cried, but all we could really do was kick 2020 hard as it crawled out the door. There are still difficult times ahead, but with a new year comes new hope, and as Vern McLellan puts it, this new year will depend on what we bring to it.

For motivation I’ve decided to look at this new year as a chapter in my lifelong book. What do I want the theme of this chapter to be? Hopeful? Sad? Tragic? Perhaps a comedy? Do I want to be a hero or a victim? Do I want to be like the characters in my novels who persevere when faced with overwhelming obstacles, or do I want to give up and give in?

I’ve decided to make the theme of this chapter in my book “Adventures”, in the hope that I can be more adventurous during this next year, perhaps small adventures so that I can remain safe, but daring to push my boundaries physically, intellectually, and spiritually.

I invite you to begin writing your own next chapter and to make it as exciting and meaningful as your favorite novels.

Got plans? If you’d like, share the adventures you hope to have in 2021. May they be good ones.


  1. Adelyn Grudier on January 3, 2021 at 2:56 pm

    Okay, so here we are with another new year spread out ahead of us and what will it bring in the nature of surprises. Haven’t we seen it all last year? Who knew we could see such “badness” crawl out from under the rocks.
    But we move forward as we can only do and hope that this year will be better. I’m not one for going to crowded things but I do long for the ability to go to a concert (indoors and with seats and decorum) or a play or anything where you can interact with friends. I never knew I would long for human interaction as I have at certain times
    But we’ve been down and now it is time to look up and hope that my mid-year we can crawl out of our caves. That is the biggest gift I hope will come our way.

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