Twice Upon A Time

Cover of Twice Upon a Time by Emilie Richards

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After I wrote Once More With Feeling, I began to wonder exactly what had happened to Gypsy Dugan, the woman whose life Elisabeth Whitfield suddenly inhabits.  If the real broadcast vixen woke in yet another woman's body, whose would it be?

The answer, of course, was easy.  What did Gypsy deserve?  What did she need to learn?  And what part would Charles Casey, who had loved her despite her faults, play in her new story?

Mary Kate McKenzie has pledged herself to a life of service, but a knock on the head shatters her rose-colored glasses. She awakens, a stranger in her own mysteriously pregnant body.

The starry-eyed young woman, who planned to devote her life to the Eden's Gate religious community, is now a take-no-prisoners dynamo who avoids sentiment and religion. Despite this, or because of it, she manages to capture the attention of the wayward teens she works with in the center's community garden. But when former broadcast journalist Charles Casey arrives to do a newspaper article, his presence begins to unlock memories of someone else's life. Whose? And who is the father of the baby she carries?

Mary Kate is determined to find the key to her past, but as the work of the center becomes vital to her, she is faced with a choice. Should she move toward an excitingly different future suddenly offered to her, or will she be happy in the quiet world of Eden's Gate, with the troubled kids she's learned to love, her own son or daughter, and Casey by her side?

"Emilie Richards gives her fans a wonderful companion book to her first reincarnation novel, Once More With Feeling. You will smile and root for the indominatable Mary Kate, as she faces her uncertain voyage of self discovery." Romantic Times

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