I Just Can’t Understand You!

“Hamburg (ots) – reader reaches and inspires you with their projecting seeds and romantic stories women such as men with their books millions. Now equivalent two novel filmings are radiated by Emilie Richard to the Prime time on Sunday in the Second Channel of German Television. On 3 May the Second Channel of German Television sends o’clock at 20.15 ” Longing after Neuseeland” , one week later is called it at the same time ” The Paradies at the end of the Welt”. For all fans of many years and recently whom were added of Richard appears parallel to the radiant emittances in May the next title with MIRA paperback: ” Summer of the Entscheidung”. Does the love have still another chance? In the marriage of Tessa and Andrew MacRae kriselt it, since its small daughter had an accident mortally.”

Thumbnail image for Glowing orb from Istock.jpgDid you understand that?  Not really?  It’s a bit of the Babel fish translation of an online article about my upcoming movies for German television and the release of Wedding Ring, better known in Germany as the Summer of the Entscheidung

Can anybody tell me what an Entscheidung is?

Wow, read that translation again.  Let’s not examine “projecting seeds” too closely.  And don’t I wish I could just “radiate” novel filmings to Prime Time?  Doesn’t that sound like a real career booster?  Picture me standing over one of my books, magnetic energy zapping through my fingertips like a scene from Harry Potter, and suddenly, there’s my story on television.

We also have “my radiant emittances.”  I could do a lot with that, as well.  And the title of the article is New Romance Queen.  Ummm. . . My publishers haven’t classified my books as romances in a long time, although there’s certainly romance in them.  And after sixty-something books, “new” doesn’t quite cut it.  Then there’s queen.  Queen’s a good word in any language.

Don’t we take the ability to communicate for granted?  We learn to talk at an early age, and that should do it, right?  These days I’m watching my two year old granddaughter suck up every word she hears so she can spit it back out in 6 word sentences.  She’s like a little sponge, and reading to her is the greatest of pleasures.  No longer does she point at a character’s clothing in a picture book and say green.  She says “green dress and yellow polka dots.”  She reads to me.  What could be sweeter?

But language not only brings us together, it can separate us when the words we learned as children are completely different.  Several weeks ago I was interviewed about the movies by a very polite German man, whose command of the English language was extraordinary.  I speak no German whatsoever, so I particularly appreciated his facility.  Still, more than once, we talked past each other .  He called my novels “heartbreak novels.”  Ummm. . . .  Is this a German translation for romance, or just a phrase he’s coined?  And what does that say about the concept of romantic love?  That heartbreak is an essential part of the package?

Although I’ve had nothing to do with the making of the movies, it’s been fun to watch a bit from afar.  I’ve even seen trailers, and I more or less recognized the stories, although koalas were changed to penguins, and Australia became New Zealand.  Oh, and the Maori characters?  I think they’re gone, but I can’t really tell. 

All this brings to mind the challenges of international diplomacy.  Our world is in the hands of people who are trying to speak the same language, but may well be hearing different things in the same words.  Maybe it’s time to dust off Esperanto.  Or maybe it’s time to just listen closely with respect and admiration for every contribution. 


  1. Pat on April 29, 2009 at 4:34 pm

    Entscheidung means “decision” so I guess they are saying Summer of Decision. As for the rest of it, my mind was going all topsy turvy trying to figure it out, so I gave up after very little trying!!! LOL On a serious note, though, you make some very good points about communication and how we have a real need (perhaps more now than ever) to attempt to improve our communication skillls with those of other nations. Our future might very well depend upon it.

  2. Emilie Richards on April 29, 2009 at 7:03 pm

    Oh, I like that. Summer of Decision. Nothing about quilting, but it doesn’t matter. I see a real trend in schools now to make certain students have foreign language skills. We’re really late coming to the table, but at least we’re making the trip.

  3. Ellen Dye on April 30, 2009 at 9:16 am

    Isn’t it amazing how you say one thing in a language and the direct translation comes out to be something totally different? I speak a bit of French and a bit of Spanish, neither very well and am always awed by those who master a second language.
    Many congratulations on your books making it to the screen 🙂

  4. Diane Chamberlain on May 1, 2009 at 2:48 pm

    Oh, that’s hysterical, Emilie! And very exciting for you, as well. Congratulations, and I hope you’ll keep us posted. Maybe you can get a trailer to put up on youtube?

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