Small Blessings–the joys of spring and motherhood

Wondering about the eggs in the boot from a couple of blogs ago?  Wondering what kind of bird fits inside a boot  to lay so many perfect tiny eggs?  Wonder no more.

Mama Bird and boot.jpg

Mama Bird’s a Carolina wren, and very conscientious.  The babies are alive and well, although we hope they eventually begin to look more like her.

Baby Birds.jpg

Now, are you asking yourself how my son got that perfect photo of Mama Bird without scaring her off?  Easy–for him.  He set up a camera with motion detection to monitor her comings and goings.

Baby Bird Camera.jpg

“This” Mama Bird raised a flock of techie sons.  I hope Mama Bird’s as happy with her offspring.


  1. Marna on June 4, 2009 at 9:05 am

    Very cool. And yes, I was wondering about mama posing for that picture.

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