How Many Ways Can We Say Hello? Pat Sloan’s Creative Talk Radio Show

I’ll confess, much about promoting a book is simply exhausting.  Saying “no,” for instance, when I’m asked to speak–the exhausting part comes from deciding what I can manage each year and what’s just one thing too many.  Book signings can be exhausting, too.  Not the kind that should be, when a hundred readers are standing in front of you–most often when the books are free, of course–and they’re exhilarating.  The truly exhausting book signing is the one scheduled after lunch at a downtown mall when everyone is at work and those who aren’t are shopping in the suburbs.  Trying to look happy and busy when there’s nothing to do?  Exhausting.

What’s not exhausting?  For me, social media.  I love Facebook–as some of you have discovered.  I connect my chatty Facebook page to Twitter so I can do both simultaneously.  I love writing this blog.  And now, thanks to my buddy Pat Sloan, the quilt and fabric designer extraordinaire, I’m about to love talk radio.   Some of you know Pat as my co-designer for the Season of Grace Christmas stocking quilt, still available on both our sites.  Her quilts and fabrics are gorgeous.  Check them out.

Pat, who is a whiz at promotion and enjoys it, to boot, has her very own show right here.  I’ll be her guest on Monday, July 5th at 4:30PM.   She guarantees we’ll have fun and I won’t be exhausted.  I know she’s right.  We chat a lot, after all, so how different can this be?

If you’re interested, please join the show at 4 for Pat’s first guest, then stay tuned for me.   If you’re not at your computer right at that moment, the show will be taped and you can find it here

For more fun, leave a comment on Pat’s blog between the time of the show and Friday the 9th at noon to be eligible to win an autographed copy of Happiness Key.

I’m scheduled for a number of radio interviews in the next few weeks, but none will be chattier or more fun than this one.  Please join us.

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