Sunday Poetry: Ready With Notebook and a Chewed Up Pencil

Welcome to Sunday Poetry. If this is your first visit you can read about the purpose and inspiration here.    

What’s your part?  Just slow down a little and come along for the read–or sometimes, for the listen.  If you’d like to tell us what the day’s poem means in your life, or what word or phrase you’ve chosen to reflect on, or where those reflections have taken you, we would be honored. 

Last Sunday’s poem was about a moment.  This one’s about the day ahead.  The Only Day in Existence by Billy Collins shares much with This Moment, though.  It’s all about paying attention, about watching and waiting, about the ordinary becoming extraordinary.

I heard Billy Collins speak and read some of his poetry at Chautauqua Institution (where I’ll be when you read this) and that lecture sent me on a quest to find poetry and poets who speak to me.  He certainly stands at the head of that list.  Accessible and multi-layered, each Billy Collins poem is a joy to read and contemplate. 

What lessons does the day ahead have to teach you?  Remember you are always welcome to share your insights here.


  1. Ms MoomMist on May 29, 2011 at 1:10 pm

    Enjoy Chautauqua! Love your books and blog. – and the Mystery Quilt on Pat Sloan’s blog
    Thank you both!

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