Our Fourth Winner in the Great Pie Giveaway

Today our fourth and final pie prize box heads off to one lucky contestant, and it includes the pictured cookbook from one of my favorite Shenandoah Valley restaurants among many other goodies.  Find out who won at the end of this post.

Sorry you missed the contest?  You didn’t.  Don’t forget there’s still the grand prize.   On July 1 I’ll choose the winner of an Amazon Kindle or a Breville pie maker, the winner’s choice as long as both are still available. 

Did you miss the rules?  You’ll find them here and here.  There’s still time to enter, and it’s both simple and fun.  Just think pie.  Winners are chosen randomly from all correct entries.

Last week I published favorite recipes, this week some of the stories I’ve received, with links to pies on other websites.  I’ll continue sharing the entries through July, even though the giveaway will have ended.  But we can never hear too much about pie.

From Lynda,  excerpts from her poignant giveaway entry with a link to her favorite lemon meringue pie recipe.

When I was 21, my husband and I moved into a home next door to my aunt in CA.    (She just passed a year ago at 93)    I was very pregnant with my first son.  My aunt would come over with a lemon pie and tell me that it would bring us luck and speed the labor.    It was the most delicious pie.    I did go into labor the next day and had a wonderful 5lb boy.    My aunt and family always remember  that wonderful pie and all the love that went into it.    It became a very special family tradition.     I try and make this pie and it will never taste like my aunt’s.   It was all the love that went into it.  My son would be 50 years next year.   He was called to watch over us.”

This entry from Francine came with a link to a beautifully presented Upside Down Apple Pecan Pie from the Just A Pinch recipe club. 

“This pie is the one my nana taught me to make around the age of 8 or so.  I’ve made it 100’s of time and it won the North Carolina State Grand Champion  slot !! I know Nana’s looking down smiling and hollering ‘that’s my girl.’ “

I bet she’s right.

And from Adam, a pie that I’m absolutely sure Wanda will steal for her shop.  Banana Foster Cream Pie.  Watch out,  Bonita Springs is right around the corner from Happiness Key.  He says:

“I am already thinking about what pies I will be making for the Bonita Springs 4th of July Pie Baking Contest. My head is spinning with thoughts of caramel, chocolate and coconut. No, no! Banana! Yes! Banana Cream!! Oh my, Banana Cream with Caramel!!! That’s the ticket!  So what happens if someone in Bonita Springs finds this recipe and enters it into the contest??!! Oh, dear! Back to chocolate, maybe caramel, how about some coconut…”

Adam, this looks like a winner to me, and nobody here will tell a soul where to find the recipe.

And speaking of winners?  The randomly selected winner of the fourth pie prize box goes to Dee, whose wonderful story about a kind grandmother was posted here two weeks ago.  Congratulations, Dee.  And next week, our grand prize winner will be announced.


  1. Linda P. on June 25, 2011 at 4:53 pm

    Congratulations to Dee! You’ll find this is the best little recipe book. I read it cover to cover, and looking forward to making one of the pies. I’m away from home just now, and haven’t decided which one will be the first.
    Thank you for Emilie your generosity!!

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