Sunday Poetry: Your One Wild and Precious Life

Welcome to Sunday Poetry, and yes we have a new photo.  It seemed time.  If this is your first visit you can read about the purpose and inspiration of my Sunday blogs here.    

What’s your part?  Just slow down a little and come along for the read–or sometimes, for the listen. No analysis needed or required. Let the poem sink in and move you wherever it may. If you’d like to tell us what the day’s poem means in your life, or what word or phrase you’ve chosen to reflect on in the coming week, or where those reflections have taken you, we would be honored to have you comment. 

Mary Oliver’s poetry always moves me.  This poem, The Summer Day, seems especially appropriate for the beginning of July.  How will you spend the remaining days of your summer?  Will you take moments to contemplate grasshoppers?  Will you give yourself one day just to wander through fields?  What phrase, thought, or word here will help you get through the next week?  What will you do with your one wild and precious life?

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