CHUsday: What Will You CHUse To Make This Month?

Congratulations to Nancy Badertscher, who won last month’s CHU giveaway by trying a vegetarian broccoli quiche to feed her visiting vegetarian children. Nancy used a recipe from Pillsbury’s Easy Vegetarian Meals, and I’m providing the link to the same quiche, as well as the cookbook. 

I will warn you, though.  Poppin’ Fresh, the Pillsbury doughboy, who you may find annoying on television, is far MORE annoying at the Pillsbury site, popping up on every page.  If you don’t want to join, just take a deep breath and hum “Nuthin says lovin’ like doughboys from the oven.” Eventually he disappears, most likely to annoy other people who will also think seriously about trying to bake and eat him.

Nancy says while she liked the quiche well enough, next time she would use white rice because the brown didn’t quite get done.  She also says next time she will add a little salt, since it didn’t call for any.  The cookbook?  She liked it well enough to try another recipe in the future.  That’s always the test.

For me, one of the most enjoyable parts of cooking is adding my own touches, like Nancy plans to do.  I have a rule, however, that I make a recipe exactly as written the first time.  After that I can deviate to my heart’s content.  That way I always know whether problems are mine or the recipe’s. 

How many of those cute Pillsbury cookbooks do you have in your cookbook stash?   I always buy the breakfast collections, because breakfast is my favorite way to entertain.  One yummy recipe, chili egg puff, a make ahead breakfast casserole, originally came from an old Pillsbury breakfast cookbook.  If you try it, you’ll find it’s great for family or company and simple to put together the night before. 

For the month of October I’m adding an incentive for the CHU giveaway.  Have you found an online recipe that you’ve bookmarked, but haven’t yet tried?  If you try it this month and report, I’ll enter you in October’s giveaway, too.  Some of you have told me you’re in the midst of kitchen remodeling, moving, or simply don’t have cookbooks you don’t use. 

So this month, there are no excuses. Cookbook OR online.  Your choice. Just give that recipe a try, then tell us about it–and if it’s an Internet recipe, please send me the link.  Remember, you can enter more than once, and all entries will also be eligible for the final giveaway.

This month’s silly kitchen gadget, Mr. Potato Peeler, is from Joie again (maker of many silly gadgets) and he’ll accompany an autographed novel to the home of our October winner.

Cook good food, try new recipes, eat with a smile on your face.



  1. Liz on October 5, 2011 at 9:41 am

    A favorite Fall dish is chili, from McCormick’s Spices of The World cookbook. My cookbook is from the 70s, while the online version uses a mix, which I’ve never tried.
    Need to dig that cookbook out.

    • Emilie Richards on October 5, 2011 at 9:59 am

      Let us know when you make it, Liz. Sounds different enough from your usual to be a contestant.

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