Sunday Poetry: The Sky is Molting

Welcome to Sunday Poetry and 2012.   If this is your first visit you can read about the purpose and inspiration of my Sunday poetry blogs here.

Poetry about the new year?  As I searched for the right poem to share, so many I encountered were written at least a century ago.  But Fragments for the End of the Year written by Jennifer K. Sweeney and published in 2009, spoke loudly to me.  It’s created to be exactly what she claims, fragments and revelations.  I found each sentence absorbing and thought provoking.  I hope you do, too.

Sweeney is “struck by an overwhelming need to go to Iceland.”  What is your “overwhelming need?”  Will you accomplish it in 2012?

Remember there are no quizzes here, no right ways to read or contemplate the poem we share.  Absolutely no dissecting allowed.  Just come along for the “read.”  What line, word or thought will you carry with you this week?  If you’d like to tell us where the poem took you?  We’ll listen.

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