Cast of Characters–a Novelist’s Inc. Anthology

It’s always such a pleasure to tell you about good books.  Today’s is no exception.  Cast of Characters, an anthology of stories written by twenty-eight of my esteemed colleagues, is now available.  Cast of Characters is the quintessential satisfying read because no matter how limited your reading time, you can pick it up, enjoy a joy ride into one talented author’s imagination, get a final jolt of satisfaction at the ending, then put the book down until your next free moment.

You may note that the trade paperback version is expensive.  That’s a reflection of the size.  Remember, twenty-eight authors! Luckily size isn’t important with e-books, so the e-version is more than reasonable.  In fact it’s a steal.

And if you want a real steal?  Visit the NINC website here, sign up to receive occasional email blasts about other books coming up from NINC authors, and receive Set Pieces, a free ebook containing entertaining excerpts from fourteen new novels coming out from NINC members.

Are you wondering what NINC is?  Novelists, Inc. is the only writer’s organization devoted to the needs of multi-published authors.  NINC is, in short, an organization for writers serious about their careers.  I’m sure that at least half of what I know about publishing has come from my membership in this organization.  In fact it’s the only writer’s organization I’m a member of.

I was unable to participate in this volume, but I hope to be part of a future one.  Meantime I can’t wait to see what my colleagues have written.  As a reader I know I’ll be in the best of hands.

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