From Hither to Yon

Just popping on to say I’m in the middle of two weeks of back to back of trips.  I just returned from one (Asheville, NC and Roanoke, VA) where I hobbled through my agenda having injured my knee just before leaving.  Luckily a friend had crutches to loan me, and we had a knee brace ready and waiting.  So hobble I did, but I managed to do research galore, a photo shoot for a new PR photo, and quite possibly a video trailer for One Mountain Away.

Plus I ate fabulous Asheville food.  Asheville’s restaurants are just plain extraordinary.

After a morning greeting old friends in Roanoke, now I’m heading out again, this time hauling crutches on an airplane.  (Will that let me bring them on?  Stay tuned.)

I’ll try to blog on Friday, but if I don’t have internet access, please stop back next week where I’ll have lots to say, starting with a wonderful interview with Sandra Dallas on the 24th about her new book, True Sisters.

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