Olivia from Treasure Beach

Just a few fun tidbits today.

Tidbit One:  Some of you have written to learn the fate of Treasure Beach, the “novellini” I wrote last year for Southern Exposure, set between Fortunate Harbor and Sunset Bridge (books two and three of the Happiness Key series.)  I’m happy to say that while you can no longer read it at my blog, you will be able to read it again.  My publisher bought the rights and is putting it out in July with another novella by author Sheila Roberts.

The anthology will be called Summer in a Small Town and published strictly as an ebook, priced at $1.99.  I’ve seen a cover mock-up.  While the cover isn’t coastal Florida, (Sheila’s setting is on the cover) it feels suitable anyway.

For more information, check my website from time to time.  And as always, if you’re on my newsletter list, (a new one went out this week) you’ll get word directly in your inbox.  (I send updates four times a year, so sign on without fear of being inundated.)

Tidbit Two:  I can’t tell you how nice it was to read all your comments on my recent blog about moving.  I was surprised and honored you took the time to wish me well.  We are sure this adventure will be a good one, but having you tell me so helped.  I read all my mail and much appreciate it.

Tidbit Three:  I’m happy to announce the winner of the May List giveaway, as chosen by Random.org, is Gladys, who asked the eternal question:  “Will the Leaning Tower of Pisa ever fall?”  I hope it doesn’t, not in my lifetime.  Gladys wins an autographed copy of Rising Tides.  Congratulations, Gladys.

Tidbit Four:  Brenda Novak’s auction closed yesterday and the final total was $306,000 for diabetes research.  See what one woman can accomplish when she pursues her dream? My item, quilt books and a gift certificate for fabric, closed at $70.

Tidbit Five:  And speaking of my Quilt Along with Emilie books?  I’m pleased to announce I  just donated a large stash of brand new copies to the VA Quilt Museum to sell in their bookstore to help raise money for the museum.  They’re all autographed, and if you’re really anxious to have a set, I bet they’d be willing to ship one at cost.  It never hurts to email and ask.  This is a museum you shouldn’t miss visiting if you’re traveling through the Shenandoah Valley.  A wonderful, wonderful place.

This weekend is my husband’s retirement celebration and we have family coming from all over, including our grandchildren, who will be dedicated at my husband’s final service as minister of our church.  It’s a huge milestone for all of us.  I am so proud of him.  He was unanimously voted the minister emeritus of our congregation, a wonderful honor.  We will party hearty.

Off to figure out how to feed twenty family members after the final service. . .


  1. Nancy Badertscher on June 1, 2012 at 12:47 pm

    Many congratulations on your husband’s retirement – hope the weekend is spectacular for all of you!

    Also congrats on the publication of Treasure Beach – but a question. If a person does not have an ereader can you read an ebook on a desktop computer? I do feel like such an old foggie (sp?) sometimes. I continue to resist getting a Kindle or Nook, but I’d like to re-read your story.

    Nice donation to the VA Quilt Museum – I’ve been there, took a group from the Senior Center in Rockbridge County when I was a volunteer there.

    Have a great weekend!

    • Emilie Richards on June 1, 2012 at 1:06 pm

      You can, Nancy. Maybe it’s not as easy on the eyes, but you simply download to the computer–places like Kindle will ask you if you want it that way–and off you go.

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