Deadlines, Guests and the Downside of Mother Nature

Stop by Timot at Stock.xchngThe last week was spent sleeping off a cold, entertaining my very thoughtful and independent guests when I could, and somehow sneaking in pages on No River Too Wide when I felt up to it.  It was not spent blogging, but no wonder.

I know you understand.

Fiction Friday will be back (guess which day) and I’m truly on the mend after mild food poisoning from a lunch to celebrate the waning of the cold.  Some weeks you just can’t win.  I’m also well and truly back at work on my book and loving it after a summer of disruption.

In the meantime, for another reading bargain, my friends and fellow authors have put together more romance collections for you to enjoy.  Three were added yesterday for a total of six.  My book is only in the “Reunion” bundle, but take a chance for $.99 and find another author to love, as well. You can get all the details and all the links right here, tailored to your own ereader.

See you Friday right here.  (Darn, I gave it away.)

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