Sunday Inspiration: Happiness Is. . .

The Quote FactoryRemember the Charles Schultz book Happiness is a Warm Puppy?  Happiness is a warm beagle had a certain ring for me.  There were lots of other happiness quotes to remind us not to miss the joys of life’s simple moments as demonstrated by Charlie Brown and his friends.

I was reminded of the Peanuts gang when I saw this Mahatma Gandhi quote on a friend’s Facebook page.  Gandhi’s  quote is so simple, and yet so profound.  Not happiness through the small joys of life, which has its place, too, but happiness through an assimilation of thought, word and deed.

If we can only remember a few thoughts to live by, this one coupled with the Golden Rule, might be all we ever need.

Can you remember a time recently when your own life felt in perfect harmony?

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