The Good Times Jar

Facebook Good Things JarI love holidays.  I love having an excuse to hang out and do nothing, or do silly things I don’t normally have time to do, or be merry with friends. The celebration of New Year is a bit different. There’s no religious connection to speak of, nothing to decorate, no eggs to color, no tree to trim.

New Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate change and hope that the next twelve months will be better or at least as good as the preceding ones. It’s also a time to remember resolutions for changes that need to be made and move forward with them.

Recently this photo appeared on my Facebook from a page titled It’s A Lovely Life.  I loved it immediately.  Not a resolution to change something about myself. Not a resolution to change the world.  Nothing ponderous or heavy.  Just a way to note the good things that happen as they happen, deposit them in the jar, then enjoy reliving  them next year on this date.

And what could be more transforming than that?

Surprise gifts. Accomplished goals. The beauty of nature. LOL moments. Memories worth saving. Daily blessings. What a perfect way to remember a year.

Let’s not allow the good moments to be lost in 2014.  Anybody else out there going to start a Good Times jar? I’m off to make mine now. But before I go. . .

Happy New Year! May your 2014 be filled with good news, good friends and good books.

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