Heroes To Capture Your Heart, a Brand-New Giveaway

Heroes To Capture Your Heart It’s always so nice to have something wonderful to announce. This time it’s a giveaway I’m part of.

From now through October 31st–also known as Halloween–enter the giveaway on my Facebook Page.  If that link doesn’t work, and you have a Facebook account, go to my Facebook Page and then click on the Giveaway tab. Next click on the dropdown menu and follow directions.

If for some reason you can’t get on my Facebook Page no matter what you do, you can also go to a page at my friend Patricia McLinn’s website, scroll down to the very bottom and enter your email address there.

However you do this, you’ll be asked to join the Heroes to Capture Your Heart mailing list once you’re in the right place. You’ll then be subscribed to the newsletters of each of the participating authors, which will give you a great opportunity to see if you’re interested in their novels.

But an even better opportunity will be waiting, because then you’ll be given a download code for EACH of the novels on this graphic, and you can download the free ebooks.

And yes, these are ebook codes. There are no paperback prizes. Can you imagine each of us mailing paperbacks to every reader who enters the contest? We couldn’t possibly.

If you are doing this from Facebook, and you have an account, you can also “like” each of the authors on the list, and you’ll get additional entries for the big prize. Plus if you share the contest info using the share button (up to ten times) you’ll get an extra entry for each share.

That means, ta da, that you could enter 24 times if you so desired. And doesn’t that increase your chances?

Chances of what you ask?

One lucky, lucky winner will receive his or her choice of a Kindle Fire HD, a Samsung Galaxy 4 Nook, or a giftcard for cash value.

If you’re not living in North America, the giftcard will automatically be your prize.

So have fun. Everyone who enters is a winner because the books are yours to enjoy even if the big prize goes elsewhere. You must, however, use the ebook codes you’re sent by November 1st, because they’re only good until that date. And unlike Cinderella’s coach, there won’t even be a pumpkin to show your friends.

And speaking of friends?  Why not share the giveaway with them by telling them to follow the instructions and enter the contest. Remember when you share, you get an extra entry.

Questions? Email me or Jessica@Authorslifesaver.com and we’ll try to help.

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