Sunday Inspiration: Day of the Dead, a Time to Celebrate and Mourn

Day of the Dead

Happy Day of the Dead!

Did you know that the Day of the Dead is celebrated all over the world between October 31 and November 2?

In Mexico and Central America, where the holiday originated, it is a raucous but meaningful day that gives people the opportunity to remember and be inspired by those who have “passed on to the Great Majority.”

But it’s also a chance to laugh in the face of death, to take our fears — and aren’t we all afraid of death? — and shine a light on the boogeyman instead of hiding under our beds.

When my husband visited Guatemala on the Day of the Dead, he was impressed by the joyousness of the people, the kite-flying, picnicking on graves, and the tables filled with photos of loved ones, skeletons, candles, and food.

If you want to know more about the Day of the Dead, an excellent web site is here.

P.S. Who do you remember and who inspires you on this Day of the Dead?

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